You Save Money

You Save Money

  • Set a fixed budget for benefits this year and into the future
  • Most companies save 10-30% in the first year alone
Enhance Employee Satisfaction

You Enhance Employee Satisfaction

  • Empower your employees with knowledge and choice
  • Engage your employees in their healthcare
  • Provide better overall coverage

What you have now / what you receive with Bright Choices®

What You Have Now With Bright Choices Exchange Why It Matters

Misaligned coverage

Give everyone a "one-size-fits-all" health plan and limit other forms of protection

Balanced coverage for diverse risks

Your employees choose the coverage that meets their individual needs across a range of insurance products

Your employees are better protected

Annual juggle of rising benefits costs

Each year, either pay more, change carriers and plans, limit coverage, or shift costs to employees

You set your benefits budget

Allocate fixed dollars to your employees and let them buy what they value

You control your budget, and your employees control their budgets - people spend money more wisely when it's their own

Less satisfied employees

Hide the value of your benefits spend from employees and choose for them

Increase employee satisfaction

Allow employees to build a personalized benefits portfolio that meets their specific needs

Employees understand and value every dollar you spend on benefits

Benefits administration headaches

Track down paper enrollment forms, answer employee questions, manage carrier reporting needs

Streamlined benefits administration

We streamline benefits administration and handle employee questions; you use efficient online tools for changes and reports

You save time and your employees get better service

With Bright Choices, employees can personalize a portfolio of benefits to fit the specific needs of their families.

When employees choose the coverage they need, they choose more efficiently. They don’t buy the “rich” plans they don’t need.

You Save Money

They save

They save money for the whole healthcare system, their employers, and themselves.

They Save Money

You Save

You save money on benefits and make your employees happy by giving them purchasing power and choice.