When it comes to employee benefits, people have very different needs.

Instead of the usual "one-size-fits-all" approach, personalize and right-size each employee's benefits portfolio.

The Bright Choices® Exchange is a private benefits exchange (similar to an online store) where your employees can use the dollars you give them to buy the benefits they actually want.

We support
employers and employees.
You give employees
a set amount of money to spend on benefits.
Employees shop
in the online store and are guided to personalized benefits selections.
We consolidate
and handle administrative tasks.
Choose Plans

How do you choose the plans that go in the Bright Choices store?

Bright Choices has formed unique relationships with the top national and regional carriers you know and trust to bring your employees a selection of top-notch benefit plans. Using proprietary analytics and technology, we select the most varied and cost-effective plans to ensure each family's diverse needs are met.
Determine Best Plans

How does Bright Choices help determine the best plans for employees and their families?

When employees log in to Bright Choices, they will have access to our sophisticated questionnaire which leads them through a series of questions, and then makes recommendations given their health profile, financial status, risk tolerance, and preferences. It reveals the actual costs of benefits and educates them to make informed decisions.
Recommended Products

Do employees have to take the recommended product?

With Bright Choices, the employee is in control. They can choose the plans recommended by Bright Choices, or pick anything else in the store.